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Mayford Athletic Football Club

Have you or a family member considered joining, supporting or helping Mayford's very own football club?

Mayford Athletic Football Club is one of Mayfords greatest community assets. It is a grassroots football club based in Mayford: offering children of different abilities the opportunity to play football in a supportive, friendly environment, where learning and a love of the game are actively encouraged.

Their ethos and approach to coaching and development is fully aligned with the playing and coaching philosophy of The Football Association’s England DNA


The Mayford Centre

Smarts Heath Road



GU22 0PP


Nick Elford Chairman Tel: 01483 399068

For more information about Mayford Athletic FC, sponsorship opportunities or general enquiries please contact Nick Elford.

If you wish to enquire about signing your son or daughter up to play football with us please contact the appropriate manager from the Teams

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