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Egley Road, Mayford to Suffer Green Belt loss and Mass Development!

Woking site allocation recommendations are now live and as predicted Mayford is set for even more loss of green belt with mass development on the Egley Road field.

We already knew due to communications back as far as 2013, that Woking Borough Council's former CEO was offering support to the landowner on how to develop housing on these green belt fields.

We know that many of you are upset and angry about the decision to remove The Nursery land on Egley Road (GB7) from the green belt and can ensure you that the Village Society will be relentless in this fight.

Stay Calm!

Feel free to let our Councillors below what you think of this


Please copy all the Councillors in on your emails

Subject: Policy GB7 The Release of Nursery land adjacent to Egley Road Mayford,GU22 0PL

MVS Feelings

This will lead to loss of the green break between Mayford and Woking.

The conjoining of built up Woking to the the Village of Mayford for the first time in history

Major Road pollution

Air pollution

Danger to School Children with the volume of Traffic (School just over half capacity at the moment and near fatality 3 weeks ago)

We will have 3 Schools in 1000 yards catering for several thousand children at risk

We could have 5 Gym/Leisure centres (Woking Leisure Centre, Sports Box, David Lloyd, Woking Athletics Club with Stadium and Woking Gym Club) all accessing the Mayford section of the A320

The road is the busiest in Woking due to being the main artery between Guildford/ A3 /M25 and supports close to 30,000 car movements per day.

The Character of the Area Would Drastically Change Forever, Impacting the 1500 Residents Who Live Here!

Relevant Documents regards the issue are below

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