Situated in the heart of Mayford lies the Mayford meadows and the Hoe Stream.

These are vital assets to the village provide habitat and potential habitat for flora, fauna and vital species such as the declining Water Vole.

The Mayford meadows are largely unmanaged by our council and other organizations and unfortunately left to grow out of control. Invasive species such have Himalayan Balsam have taken root in the meadows and have become a serious issue.

The Mayford Village society has started to arrange regular balsam bashes to tackle this problem.

Thanks to a dedicated few who cut the grass and bash the balsam, the meadows a comfortable place to visit.

The Mayford Village Society is trying to create an environment where the village can coexist with nature.

We would like to see the return of the Water Voles that seem to have been wiped out by the mink and all considered extinct in Surrey.

We would like to see better water quality not affected by road pollution so species such as the Water Vole, Wild Brown trout, and even the Otter can return to their rightful homes.


Together we can make it happen!




Please see Our Wildlife Page for information on Mayfords wildlife Inc the meadows and Hoe Stream.


Please see our Balsam Bash page for information on how you can help protect our medows from this invasive species.


Plans are underway from Woking Council to undertake restoration work on the Hoe Stream and Mayford Medows.Please click the link below to see Woking Borough Councils information




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