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The Mayford Village Society Remit 

Woking Borough Councils description of Mayford and Sutton Green in Local Plan 1999

The Mayford and Sutton Green area lies in the south of the Borough. The area is generally rural and open in character. The majority of the area is designated as Green belt to ensure there is a significant gap between the built-up areas of Woking and Guildford. The Green Belt contains a variety of rural land uses, including agriculture, open recreation (golf courses), ecological and environmental sites with isolated and low-density housing.

The focus of the Local Plan for this area is on protecting the environment and ensuring that any new development is in keeping with the existing character and Green Belt status of the area. Only very limited types of building will be permitted in the small non-Green area. Important ecological, environmental and heritage sites will be protected.A number of special policies are included to protect the landscape of the River Wey, Sutton Plan and Hook Heath escarpment.




  • The story begins in 2009 when Woking Borough Council Officers appointed Richard Fordum Associates to undertake a Strategic Housing Assessment


To see the Richard Fordum Associates Strategic Housing Assessment Click Here


  • Richard Fordum Associates identified that Woking needs to build 594 homes per year in the borough of Woking


  • This was deemed inappropriate and a figure of 292 was settled upon with the Secretary of State.


  • It was then identified, there was sufficient land to meet our housing supply for 12/13 Years leaving a shortfall of 550 homes that would need to be built in the Greenbelt.


  • Woking Borough Council adopts a core strategy in Oct 2012 that requires the Council to carry out a Greenbelt boundary review to release land to enable the delivery of 550 new homes between 2022-27 and this was signed off by the Secretary of State before the Core Strategy was adopted.


To View Woking Borough Councils Core Strategy  Click Here


Woking Borough Council comments regard Greenbelt review

Woking Borough Council has a statutory responsibility to prepare Local Development Documents (LDDs). Collectively these documents are referred to as Woking 2027. The LDDs will guide planning and development in the Borough until 2027, and must be in conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework and the saved policies of the Regional Spatial Strategy (the South East Plan), and are influenced by the Sustainable Community Strategy and other Borough wide and area based information.


  • Woking Borough Council officers Invite Independent consultants to bid o the chance to prepare a report on Site assessments and the methodology.


  • Woking Borough Council officers recommend Peter Brett Associates to the LDF Working Group


The 2012-13 LDF Working Group included:

Councillor A W Branagan, Councillor G S Cundy, Councillor I Eastwood, Councillor R A Sharp, and (Chairman of Planning Committee – Cllr A Bowes)


To See a List of Councillors on the LDF since 2012  Click Here


  • LDF Group agreed to choose Peter Brett Associates as Independent Consultant to Identify Potential Development Sites and the methodology around them as recommended by Woking Borough Councils Officers.


To View Peter Brett consultants brief  Click Here


  • Peter Brett Associates undertook the assessment and the links to their work is below.


Method Statment Click Here

Main report Click Here

Main Report Figures 1-11 Click Here

Green Belt Boundary Review Appendices A - G Click Here

Green Belt Boundary Review Non-Technical Summary Click here


  • LDF Working Group signed off the Peter Brett report


  • Woking Borough Council Officers then choose sites to go in the Site Allocations Development plan Document Regulation 18 Draft Consultation


  • The Development Plan Document Regulation 18 Draft Consultation was signed of by the LDF Working Group


  • The Development Plan Document Regulation 18 Draft Consultation is released to The full council to seek permission to release it for Public Consultation


  • The Development Plan Document Regulation 18 is Submitted for Public Consultation on 18 June 2015 and ran until 31 July 2015


To Read the Site Allocations Development plan Document Regulation 18 Consultation Click Here


To read the Site Allocations Development Plan Document Main Modifications Click Here


  • Thirty-two thousand seven hundred and twelve (32,712) individual representations were received by Woking Borough Council from 1692 People


  • Then it was decided that we would have a bespoke consultation on a new site called (Martyrs Lane) and as such this site received its own independent consultation. It was submitted for Public Consultation on 6 January 2017 and ran until 27 March 2017.


  • Thirty-two thousand one hundred and sixty four (32,164) individual representations were received by Woking Borough Council from 3018 individuals and businesses.


Woking 2027 Timetable Click Here


  • Woking is now waiting for Woking Borough Council to prepare the Site Allocations Development plan Document Regulation 19 Consultation.


  • David Bittlestone (Leader of Woking Borough Council) has made a statement that he will make a statement of the progress in March of 2018


  • To Read the Site Allocations Development plan Document Regulation 19 Consultation Click Here


  • To Read the Site Allocations DPD Sustainability Appraisal Main Report Click Here

  • To Read the Draft Site Allocations DPD Appropriate Assessment Click Here




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