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Swifts in Woking Project.

This project seeks to increase biodiversity within Woking Borough and provide additional habitats for swifts (classified as endangered in Great Britain).

We would love to think that Mayford could make a worthwhile contribution to the project.

Swifts are an incredible migratory bird that arrive in the UK in May to enjoy our summer and to nest, before returning to Africa in August. However, due to the design of new buildings there is often no spaces to nest and so their numbers are diminishing drastically. We want to raise the profile of this characterful bird so we can stop their decline and enjoy them for summers to come in Woking Borough.

In preparation for their next migration to Woking, we would like to engage all Mayford residents to:

-Raise awareness about these endangered birds in Woking

-Participate in workshops, where you can build your own nest box (14th and 28th September!)

-Install nest boxes on suitable properties, these are being built by community groups and the costs will be subsidised.

-Encourage home renovators and builders to include nesting sites when undergoing building works.

Swift identificationWhile swifts are very distinctive, they can sometimes be confused with other birds such as swallows or house martins. To help avoid any cases of mistaken identity, visit this very useful article to find out what to look out for:

Finally, this video is great to see what they look and sound like in action.

Good luck, and happy swift spotting!

Please help by participating in workshops, where you can build your own nest box.

Workshops are run by WCFP (Woking Community Furniture Project)

Workshop days are :

14th September 10am-2pm

28th September 10am-2pm

To Book Your Place, Please contact

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