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Please Help Save Mayford's Visual Separation 

From Woking On Egley Road By 16th November



Egley Road.png
Full development Carla Holmes.png

Previous Protected Open Space in Purple on the North End

Cala Holmes Summited Plan for North End

The Society was established to protect the Green Belt, the character and open aspect of Mayford, it's historic footprint has always had an open and visual separation from urban Woking. The last visual separation is the North end of Egley Road(GB7) and until the recent planning inspector's report, the purple area above, was proposed to be protected as open space for non-development.

He has now suggested it be protected by policy, of which there is none in existence or worse by future development planning.


  • The North End of (GB7) is now the only chance of visually separation from urban Woking

  • There can be no appropriate visual separation by development

  • The site is critical important as an area of rising land and wildlife sanctury

  • It should be protected by its current Greenbelt policy and not by removing it

  • Any form of development on this site would be catastrophic for Mayford and it's Residents

Please let the council know how important this area is to Mayford by writing to

Planing Policy Team

All representations must be received by 5pm on Monday 16 November 2020, and can be submitted via:

Email to:, or

Post to: Planning Policy Team, Woking Borough Council, Gloucester Square, Woking GU21 6YL.

Please quote The North End of (GB7) as the Subject

Please stand with us to say NO otherwise it will be lost for ever!


 Mayford Needs You Now!


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