We Have Won A 4 Week Extension

Thank you, everyone, who has written in and for those who have not please don't worry, there is still time. We have managed to win a 4-week extension to the deadline which is now 5 pm on the 14th December. We have been advised that all comments are relevant but only comments related to the NEW MODIFICATIONS will carry the most weight.

We will be supplying further ideas for relevant comments over the next few weeks. Even if you have already written in, please consider writing or completing the form again as you can always add to your past comments. This will provide further support for our campaign.

The North end of Egley road is the last chance we, as a Village, will have to remain visually separate from the urban sprawl of built-up Woking. This green divide is what gives our village its identity, this field is vital. Once we are joined to built-up Woking our identity will be lost and out of character developments will likely creep in such as high rise that we have seen in neighbouring areas. This is one of the reasons we are fighting so hard to save the identity of the village!

Please support us in our endeavours to retain this field in the Green Belt where it rightly belongs!

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