Smarts Heath Road Traffic Lights Issues

Location: SMARTS HEATH ROAD, WOKING Details: Traffic Operations - Delays Message from Surrey Highways

You may be aware that the carriageway has been recently resurfaced. When the carriageway was resurfaced it inevitably destroyed many of the vehicle detectors. These are loops of wire slot-cut into the carriageway surface on the approaches to the traffic signals which detect vehicles and register demands for vehicles approaching the junction. However, when these detectors are damaged they default to a permanent demand, resulting in the signals behaving as if there were a constant queue of traffic on the affected approach, regardless of actual traffic flows. This means that the signals can take longer to change. We are programming the detector repairs with our signal contractors along with other similar repairs. These cannot be a quick fix, but should be repaired within the next 6 weeks, unless there are any unforeseen circumstances. Once they have been completed you should notice the signals restore to normal operation. In the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

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