North Field, Egley Road, Mayford's Separation from Built up Woking.

The Last Chance Mayford has to retain its identity as a separate settlement!

Not only do we stand to lose the visual divide between the village of Mayford and built-up Woking

We will also lose:

A vitally important field which supports a large variety of Wildlife, Owls, Deer, Bats, Buzzards, Kites, Slow Worms, Common Lizards, Stag Beetles, and a large variety of Birdlife.

We all want it protected! It was designated, by Woking Borough Council as, "Open Space not to be developed”, for the greater good of the village and the surrounding area, however we believe it should remain in the Greenbelt

The only people who want to see this field developed are those who profit from its loss to the Greenbelt as well as those who have given promises, they should not have made, for its development.

To date £17,000,000 (Seventeen Million Pounds) of Woking taxpayers’ money has been spent on the whole of this Greenbelt site, many times more than any valuation. This would be enough for some people, but not it appears in this case! They will not stop until the last blade of grass has disappeared!

We will continue fighting for its preservation in order to retain the identity of the village we all love.

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