Please Support Our Friends At CPRE To Secure A Green And Fair Recovery For The Countryside – are you

We’re at a crossroads. The government is drawing up plans for how to help the country recover from this crisis. We have a huge opportunity to shape a future where everyone has a countryside to explore, an affordable place to live and a stable climate.

But while calls for a green and fair recovery rise up the headlines, the government is giving us no reason to believe it wants to build back to a better society. In fact, they’re heading in the opposite direction.

As the chancellor gears up for future announcements, it’s clear that it’s the time for us to stand together for our vision of a thriving countryside for all.

Sign our petition to call for a green and fair recovery that:

  • Supports a community-led planning system

  • Invests in nature's recovery

  • Scraps the road-building programme and invests in sustainable public transport

  • Enables our right to nature

  • Supports rural affordable housing

  • Ends all fossil fuel exploration and empowers community-led renewables

We can achieve a post-pandemic society that regenerates nature, the countryside and each other. But we can’t do it without you. Please stand with us.

You can Support Via The Link Below

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