Planning Committee REJECT the David Lloyd Application on Egley Road! PLAN/2019/1177

The WBC Planning Committee met on Tuesday 23 June to determine the Planning Applications 2019/1177 & 1176. The Woking Football Stadium development was heard first and comprehensively rejected by the committee. The committee were then advised that the officers now recommended refusal of the David Lloyd, Egley Road application – this was unanimously passed

We feel that throughout the whole planning process Mayford was treated badly, these were distinctly separate applications and should have been dealt with as such The recommendation was only changed when the WFC plan was rejected, with the reasons now changed to reflect all those which the Society would have made in opposing the original recommendation. Further insult was added by allowing a speaker for the development company who used his time to discuss the Woking Football Club development only. It simply made a mockery of the planning process. Mayford was just a pawn in a larger scale game!

PLAN/2019/1177 | Redevelopment of site following demolition of existing building to provide health club building (Class D2) also incorporating external swimming pool, spa garden, terrace and tennis courts (including tennis court airdomes), provision of 36 dwelling houses (Class C3) up to a maximum of 3 storeys in height, vehicle parking, hard and soft landscaping, ancillary works including ancillary structures and fencing/gates and new vehicular access from existing road serving Hoe Valley School (Environmental Statement submitted). | Land South Of Hoe Valley School And East Of Railway Tracks Egley Road Woking Surrey GU22 0NH

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