Good News! Esso has decided not to proceed with the option to run their pipeline through our area.

Esso Petroleum Company, Limited (Esso) has finished a public consultation process that sought your ideas and opinions about the potential options for the route corridors for a replacement underground fuel pipeline.In December 2017, we began to talk publicly about our intention to replace 90km of our 105km aviation fuel pipelinethat runs from our Fawley Refinery near Southampton, to our West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow.We have already replaced 10km of pipeline between Hamble and Boorley Green in Hampshire. We now want toreplace the 90km of pipeline between Boorley Green and our West London Terminal storage facility.Completed in 1972, the pipeline initially carried a type of oil used for large industrial sites and oil-fired power stations.Since the 1980s it has been used to supply aviation fuel to some of the UK’s busiest airports. We are now looking toupdate this key piece of infrastructure to maintain supply of aviation fuel for years to come.Through early conversations with relevant local authorities, parish councils and environmental bodies, and the work of our team of engineering and environmental experts, we identified a number of potential replacement pipeline corridors.We consulted on these corridors between 19 March and 30 April 2018, and we were grateful to receive more than 1,000 responses.After the close of the consultation on 30 April, an independent consultation expert collated all consultation responses, which have now been analysed. Our technical data, engineering and environmental experts and the indepth analysis of the consultation responses have helped us to make the decision on a preferred pipeline corridor.We have identified corridor Option G in the south and Option J in the north to progress as our preferred corridors for the route. These corridors perform best when measured against our guiding principles.The two options selected are those that most closely follow the existing pipeline.When the two selected options are combined they form the single preferred corridor.

Please read the decision information sheet (9.9MB) for more information. HERE

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