Egley Road Top Field Deep Ploughed, Wildlife DEAD!


Just recently the owner ploughed this land, doing damage to some of the fences of the gardens belonging to the houses bordering his land. He has been stopped from further ploughing but the damage has been done. Clearly, any wildlife which survived this treatment has been destroyed or gone, leaving the fencing that surrounds this land to ensure that it could not return. This is a criminal offense in itself, but added to which is the fact that you are also looking at a Site of Archeological Interest. During a professional dig in 1957 a Mesolithic (BC 8000-4000) flint axe was found. The axe is of mottled grey unpatinated flint. One face has been dressed fairly flat and the other has a median ridge formed by the removal of a few large flakes. Cutting edge of tranchet type is chipped.

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