Please Help Save Mayford's Visual Seperation From Built Up Woking

By 16 November!

The North End of Egley Road is the last point of visual sepertaion from Built up Woking.

It is a increadably important for Mayfords Identity.

Woking Bourough Council had promised to Keep this an area of open Space for non development.

The Goverment Planing Inspector has now suggested that this site shoul be protected by policy. There is NO Policy protection and Carla Holmes and The Landowner are doing all the can to develop it.

Please WRITE in by the 16 November to explain how important this field is to remain as Open Space.

  • Now development on this site could create appropriate Visual break between Mayford and Woking

  • The Entire Site is Part of the Hook Heath Enscarpment and is an significant area of rising land

  • The