What’s Happened Since We Have Been Offline?

8th MAY: MVS receives a personal legal threat from the Landowner of Egley Road greenbelt fields regarding a document that had been found online.

8th MAY: MVS receives a legal threat from the Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council Ray Morgan regarding the document. He singles out members of the MVS committee to be blammed, MVS committee members again feel bullied!

8th MAY: MVS Investigates the link to the document in question and discovers that a draft document listing events in chronological order from Freedom Of Information received from Woking Borough Council has found its way online. As a precaution, MVS took its site down whilst investigating this. We DID NOT remove the website because we had done nothing wrong!

11th MAY: MVS receives a personal legal threat from Linda Kemeny (ex Surrey County Cllr) based on information she had recieved from Ray Morgan

13th June: MVS discovers that an oversight and scrutiny hearing is to take place questioning the business practice that was involved in the deal/deals between Ray Morgan and the Landowner

14th June: MVS discovers that £11,000,000 was paid to the Landowner for the southern end of Egley Road, despite us being constantly told that the deal to purchase the site was subject to planning permission being approved for the relocation of David Lloyd.(Which has subsequently been refused)

23rd June: PLAN/2019/1177 Planning Committee meets to hear the application to relocate David Lloyd Health Club and build 36 houses on the Land south of Hoe Valley School and east of the railway line, Egley Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 0NH. This was recommended for refusal after the application for the Woking Football Club Development was comprehensively rejected by the Planning Committee

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