(The Last Bastion of Mayford as a Village)

Ray Morgan CEO of Woking Borough Council and The Woking Conservatives Group

Egley Road Greenbelt fields also know as GB8 and GB9


The Old Nursery Land was purchased in 1965 from The Jackman family by Mr William Bocking a Conservative Councillor on Woking Urban District Council


The Bocking Family have tried everything to develop this land. It was bought Cheaply because of its Greenbelt protection and has always served a vital role in separating Mayford Village from Built up Woking but as development land its worth a small fortune.



18 October 2013 Cannon Derek Holbird writes to Ray Morgan and says 'We need to call in your offer of funding for the project management of this work. You mentioned a figure of £50K"


Ray Morgan call 29 October 2013MVS committee into WBC offices to try to get support for the development of the Egley Road Fields.


18 November 2013John Kingsbury (Leader of the Council) To advise that they are not supportive of the ideaMVS write to


Ray Morgan reported to members of the Council in a private briefing and was told to cease pursuing the idea of the development of the Egley road fields. It did not reach any formal meetings because the concept had no support.


Ray Morgan, however, did not stop pursuing the idea and told the bocking family so.


20 March 2014 Ray Morgan has a meeting at the Egley Road Site.


21 March 2014 Ray Morgan Writes to the Bocking Family and says 'I have not done well since we last met" However Not deterred by his instruction to stop pursuing the development he marches on.


17 July 2014  WBC Conservative Executive Meet and Ray Morgan Gets them to agree to terms over purchasing the centre section of the Egley Road Fields

Executive Members (Chairman Cllr Kingsbury, Vice Chair Cllr David Bittleston, Cllr Graham Cundy, Cllr Beryl Hundwicks, Cllr Elsdon, Cllr Melanie Whitehand)


14 October 2014 Ray Morgan Meets with Brian Norton of Cleanslate


14 October 2014 Mr Bocking says to Mr Ray Morgan' If it helps you out I will start by selling the school site and move on to other sections of the site later'


17 October 2014 Ray Morgan meets with Willmott Dixon


21 October 2014 Ray Morgan meets with all parties involved in the development except Mr Bocking.


24 November 2014 Mr Bocking quotes back to Ray Morgan his promises regards the Site.


25 November 2014 Ray Morgan says 'It won't do any of us any good to exchange emails and is better to meet in person'


11 December 2014 Bocking ask Ray Morgan if the School Governors Enjoyed their Visit


17 December 2014 Mr Bocking Asks Ray Morgan What percentage of the Remaining Land will go to affordable housing when the remainder of the LPPL land is Re-Developed.


17 December 2014 Mr Morgan Replys The School Proposal will create a stronger argument to secure 20 dwellings per Achre, Say 400 Homes but 50% would need to be affordable as the core infostructure will be provided by us.


18 December 2014 Ray Morgan visits Paul Bocking at his home for a Private Meeting


21 December 2014 Ray Morgan says to Paul Bocking he will keep the sale of the Land Confidential


14 January 2015 Ray Morgan says to Mr Bocking the Meeting will be held in Private-No Public and will result in a recommendation to council for its meeting on 12 February.


1 March 2015 MVS Send out a questionaire regards Egley Road development.


14 April 2015MVS Meet with the School Governers at Export House to discuss Mayfords Concerns Re: Questionaire


21 April 2015 Ray Morgan Meets with Residents of Hillside in Hillside to discuss the School development. he advises that a small path will be left at the back of the development to allow the deer to travel between the North and South of the Site.


6 October 2015 Ray Morgan says to Mr Bocking I have not forgotten about trying to help get the Retirement Village Extended


Douglass Spinks


6 Feb 2016 Ray Morgan and Paul Bocking go to Lingfield Horse Racing together.


6 Feb 2016 Ray Morgan Receives designs from Paul Bocking


8 June 2016 Mayford Village Society write to the Executive of the Council ( With The Following Point)


  • WBC Provided funds to an independent Organisation to Sway to aid their success of an alternative party

  • Peter Brett Actions

  • JLL Alternative Site Searches


15 June 2016 Mayford Village Society wrote to all Woking Borough Councillors

  • Cllr Key Facts Missing

  • Wife of the Leader of the Council According to Ray Morgen Bad Mouthing one of the applicants

  • Ray Morgan fail to report this fact and instead handed them £50,000 to employ a specialist to prepare their application

  • We ask for a delay for an Investigation



16 June 2016 Woking Council Respond


16 June 2016 Peter Bryant prepares a report for all the Councillors

  • Peter Bryant's report to the Council misleads them to the nature of our concerns regards Mrs Linda Kemeney


The Mayford Village Society has extreme concerns regard the above and now Peter Bryant's involvement in misleading the Council. We were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that this could be a mistake but are shocked at what comes next.


Petr Bryant is the Head Of Legal for Woking Borough Council and therefore has a lead involvement in all deals on Land Purchases etc and advises the members of the council how to stay of the right side of the law. He is also Woking Borough Councils monitoring officer and therefore receives and investigates all complaints made to Council about members including himself.


So if you have a complaint about Peter Bryant's action in a council meeting for argument's sake, he will receive and investigate that complaint in his role as monitoring officer. Yes, that is right, He investigates himself!


This is because of a fundamental flaur in the Local Government act that does not take into account small Local Authorities and staff undertaking two roles.


It does, however, give him the option to hand to complaint to an Independent party for investigation if and only if he sees fit. (we would also argue that if he is choosing who investigates his complaint that by its very nature is not independent) However, this was not even an option as his comment was "I take my role as monitoring office seriously and have decided to investigate to complaint here!"


We then had run out of options, so we contacted the Department of Communities and Local Government whom were concern about or dilemma and recognised it as needing to be addressed via legislative reform.


We were advised to go through our local Conservative MP Jonathon Lord who could raise this matter directly with the secretary of state. Although he gave the impression he supported our cause, ultimately his support got us this response from Rishi Sunak MP (Minister for Housing and Local , CommunitiesGoverment)


As the concern ' is about the conduct of officers, and that the complaint is not being handled properly by the Monitoring Officer, I would advise that they contact the Chief Executive of Woking Borough Borough Council. The Council's Chief Executive is responsible for the conduct of officers."


Jonathon Lords MP comments were "I hope you find the response informative".



Disappointed by not deterred by this we tried again making our points childlike simple'(Our Letter is Here)


Using points such as below


  • For the avoidance of doubt, we are calling for the matter to be reviewed as a matter of urgency and with the hope that it is addressed by ‘legislative reform’


"With regards to the concerns about the behaviour of Council Officer, Local Authorities are independent bodies and are accountable to thier electorates. Complaints about a council's actions shouls, therefore, first be addressed to the council itself. The letter suggest that she has also approached the local goverment and social care ombudsman, which is the right course of action if they are unhappy with the Council's handling of the complaint. If they feel the matter has not been resolved after having spoken to the ombudsman, they might want to consider seeking independent legal advice.

Thank you for writing in on this matter and i hope you and your constituent find this responce more satisfacory.


Jonathon Lord MP comments were 'Attached to this email is a letter I received from Rishi Sunak MP in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in response to your letterI hope you find his response to your satisfaction'.














Reptile mitagatiion


Fencing the whole site as a favour to Mr Bocking


Opening up New entrance ways into the site for future Development

















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