Affinity Water Works at the road junction with Mayford Close and Westfield Road

For your information can we advise you of immediate works being carried out in Westfield Road near the junction with Mayford Close by Affinity Water to deal with a water leak. They are using 2 way signals and have been requested to work extended hours of 07:00 - 19:00 and manually control the lights during peak hours to minimise disruption. The works are estimated to be completed by 21 December.

Last Chance to Comment about the Loss of Greenbelt in Mayford

Woking Borough Council has prepared its final draft of the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD), which identifies land and allocates specific sites to enable delivery of homes. It is vital that every Mayford resident respond to the council by 5pm on 17th December to protect our greenbelt! The Village Society are very concerned about losing the greenbelt on the Egley road (GB7) which plays a critical part in preventing the urban sprawl of Woking swallowing up the historic, rural village of Mayford. Please write in and express the importance of this vital green gap between Woking and Mayford and the Survival of the Woods and habitats on GB7 Any further development on this site will

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