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HOE STREAM RESTORATION PROJECT – have your say - (posted 18.10.17)
Did you manage to visit any of the venues to date to examine the plans to reduce the risk of flooding and improve accessibility to green spaces along the Hoe Stream in Mayford?

The Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 30th October 2017.

An exhibition will be on display at the Woking Leisure Centre during the consultation period.
To find out more about the proposals and express your views you can still visit the online consultation at

AUTUMN LITTER PICK (posted 17.10.17)
Our Autumn Litter Pick was held on Saturday, the 14th October 2017. We had the usual excellent turnout of over 30 members and residents. The Village looks much better for our efforts.

We thank everyone for helping. We hope to see you at our next Litter Pick in the Spring 2018.

We are aware that many residents also take the time to clear rubbish near their homes throughout the year. We take this opportunity of thanking them for taking time to do this which is much appreciated.

We thank Tony Tweedie, our Neighbourhood Officer from Woking Council for organising the day and for providing the equipment and clothing.

Just recently the owner ploughed this land, doing damage to some of the fences of the gardens belonging to the houses bordering his land. He has been stopped from further ploughing but the damage has been done.

Clearly, any wildlife which survived this treatment has been destroyed or gone, leaving the fencing that surrounds this land to ensure that it could not return.

This is a criminal offense in itself, but added to which is the fact that you are also looking at a Site of Archeological Interest.

During a professional dig in 1957 a Mesolithic (BC 8000-4000) flint axe was found.

The axe is of mottled grey unpatinated flint. One face has been dressed fairly flat and the other has a median ridge formed by the removal of a few large flakes. Cutting edge of tranchet type is chipped.

This resides in Guildford Museum.
MADGE'S BENCH IS NOW IN PLACE - (posted 16.05.17)

A warm welcome to you all. It’s good to see Madge’s daughter Caroline & family here.

A special welcome to her Worship the Mayor of Woking to this Ceremony in honour & remembrance of Madge Day. Thank you for coming today.

Twenty-seven years ago I received a telephone call from a Mrs Madge Day, who I had not met. Madge was very concerned about plans Shell/BP had to build a petrol garage and fast food restaurant adjacent to the Mayford Roundabout.

Madge was concerned that if this went ahead it would split the Village in two and Mayford would never be the same again.

At the time Mayford did not have a Residents’ Association to represent residents’ interests so I agreed, along with Elaine Evans, and several others, to form an ad hoc Committee to object to Shell’s proposals.

We had several meetings with Executives of Shell and articles appeared in local newspapers. It was only after experts, appointed by Madge, found a rare endangered beetle on the site that Shell withdrew its plans and the proposals were abandoned.

Madge suggested that to head off any future threats of this kind we should form a
Residents Association which would be called the Mayford Village Society. Its’ main objective would be to protect Mayford’s Green Belt.

Elaine & myself are founder Members.

Madge served as Chairman & later, President of the Society for 23 years.
She sadly passed away in 2015. Today, 27 years later the Society continues to thrive having fought off many planning applications threatening our precious open spaces. The pips are squeaking now with the Hoe Valley School and other plans for housing in
Mayford. Nevertheless, the Society will continue to fight to minimise the impact on the Village with the full support of residents which is much appreciated.

In recognition of Madge’s major contribution to Mayford she was honoured by Woking Council with Eminent Citizen of the Year in 1997, an award that I know she was very proud to receive.

Members of the Society agreed that donations should be sought for a bench in Madge’s memory and this handsome bench today is the result of these donations, reflecting the high esteem and thanks residents feel about Madge and her contribution to the Village over so many years.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Society’s Treasurer, Elaine Evans for her hard work in acquiring the bench and arranging for it to be securely installed by Wilmot Dixon at this location today.

The position of the bench overlooking the roundabout and the site beyond has been chosen because this is where there might have been a large petrol garage & restaurant if Madge and her colleagues had not stopped the proposals in its tracks all those years ago.

I would now like to invite Her Worship the Mayor to formally unveil the bench.

THANK YOU Ron Dawes - May 2017
POND at Mayford Green - (posted 05.03.17)
You may have noticed that the somewhat neglected area around the pond on Mayford Green has been cleared of old vegetation and some of the larger bushes.
This was done by a band of 14 volunteers on 18th February, having taken advice from Surrey Wildlife Trust and the Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group.
The Society will be organising other working parties from time to time during the year, so that this area will revert to a place of relaxation and calm.
We will endeavour to maintain it as an attractive space which also encourages wildlife. Please let us know if any Great Crested Newts are spotted!
Kip Punch.
To view the HOE VALLEY SCHOOL FROM THE AIR - Go to useful links.
To see this - go to "useful links page".

This was released on the same day as WBC released their's.

See below.

Woking’s draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD), which identifies potential urban and Green Belt sites for future housing, employment and infrastructure development within Woking Borough until 2027, will be considered by Council at its meeting on Thursday 20 October 2016.

As part of this process, land has been identified within the Green Belt for residential development that will make a significant contribution towards the Borough’s housing requirements.

In accordance with National Planning Policy (NPPF), the Council has also made the decision to safeguard land within the Green Belt to meet future development needs between 2027 and 2040.

During summer 2015, the Council conducted an initial consultation on its proposals, which attracted 32,712 individual responses, many of which concerned these ‘safeguarded’ sites. These responses were reported to the Local Development Framework (LDF) Working Group, the cross-party panel appointed by Woking Borough Council to consider and make recommendations on the local plan making process.

Cllr Ashley Bowes, Portfolio Holder for Planning Services and Chairman of the LDF Working Group, said: “When considering the huge number of responses received, the LDF Working Group were not satisfied that the identified safeguarded sites were the most appropriate when judged against reasonable alternatives and, therefore, did not justify, at this stage, revision of the Green Belt boundary in the Byfleet, Hook Heath and Pyrford locations.

“The Working Group is instead recommending a strategic site to the east of Martyr’s Lane and A320.

“This recommendation, which I hope Council will support at its meeting on 20 October, demonstrates that where concerns are raised by the public, which are justified on the evidence, the Council will listen and proactively present an alternative to the public for their view.”

If the recommendation of the LDF Working Group is approved at Council on Thursday 20 October 2016, a further public consultation on the draft Site Allocations DPD will commence in early 2017.

Once again WBC, at a full Council Planning Meeting, shrugged off our objections to their proceeding with their plans for Egley Road with the now familiar attitude of ignoring them, making out that they had no validity - or pretending that we had our facts wrong. See how they went about it by going to USEFUL LINKS.

We have further letters on their way to Peter Bryant, WBC Monitoring Officer, and have received the first reply in response to Freedom of Information requests sent out earlier in the month.

Look out for regular updates as we continue to press our case.
The Annual Subscription was increased from £5 to £10 at the AGM.
Please make your payments at the new rate. If you have already paid £5 - please make another payment of £5.

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GREEN BELT REVIEW - UPDATE (posted 21.02.16)
The Green Belt Boundary Review recommendations for Mayford which Society Members sent in comments on during last year’s Consultation period has resulted in a much heavier workload for the Council than was expected. The volume of representations received by the Council from residents throughout the Borough has resulted in serious delays and it is taking much more time to register and analyse them than was originally anticipated. A Council meeting will be held at the end of July to approve the revised Site Allocation Document after which there will be a second Public Consultation on the new or revised allocation of Green Belt land in Mayford and the Borough as a whole.

The second consultation is the final one and is scheduled to be in Sept-Oct for a six week period where residents can again write in with their views on the revised allocations.
"The MVS member survey is now closed, having received a strong response of 184 respondents.

The results show that Society members object to any sort of development on Green belt land with 90-95% objecting or strongly objecting to housing and leisure and recreational facilities.

82% object or strongly object to schools on green belt land. We believe that the large swing from the previous MVS survey (51% support) can be explained by (1) the current Hoe Valley School application includes a large leisure centre and running track and although these were covered by separate questions, respondents could have considered this impact when answering the questions; and (2) the DPD consultation (which came out after the original survey) has increased people’s sensitivity to any greenbelt loss and there is a worry that allowing a school would be a pre-cursor to unwanted housing development

The survey also revealed that our members wish MVS to challenge development more and protect the greenbelt more strongly.

The full results can be found ON OUR USEFUL LINKS PAGE.

As a result, MVS will be making changes to its structure and approach in order to meet the desires of its members. More details will be provided shortly."
CPRE LETTER (14.8.15)
Go to our “useful links page to see the letter from Tim Harrold, Surrey Vice President & Chairman of Guildford District of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.
OUR FORMAL LETTER TO WBC (posted 4.8.15)
To read our formal reply to Woking Borough Council’s Green Belt Consultation - please go to our “useful links page”.

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